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Thank you for your interest in my  Beauty by Melissa  "Sample of the Month Club".  My name is Melissa and I have been an Avon Representative for over 2 years.  I love sharing these great products with new people and hope that you will enjoy this club.  I will send you samples once a month of either existing products or new products.  I ask that you email me your 
comments about each product at
 within 2 weeks of receiving the samples.

  I would ask that you like my business page on FaceBook 

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 so that you can receive all the latest news about Avon products and any free shipping codes 

Comments will be placed on that page as well.  I will NOT use your name on my business page.  I will only state that a member of the 
Sample of the Month Club had this opinion about a certain product.

If you would like to receive a brochure, please let me know, however, you can view the latest brochure on my website and order directly from there.  You normally receive your order within 4 business days. 

2 simple rules of remaining in the sample club,
 please email me your comments 
about the samples that I send you within 2 weeks of receiving them and
 that you place at least 1 order within a 6 month time frame.  
Of course, if you will absolutely LOVE Avon so you can order as often as you would like!!!

Keep in mind that if there is something that you would like to try, I will do my best to include it in your packet.  I encourage you to email me the shades of lipsticks and foundation that you normally wear so that I could personalize your packet.

Thank you again for signing up and I look forward to receiving your comments!!

Melissa Tootle Avon Independent Sales Representative

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