Halloween Makeup EveryDay

Get inspired by the thrills 
and mystery of the season 
 Get inspired by the thrills 
and Mystery of the Season 
by Rocking Halloween Makeup
that’s wearable every night
of the week !!!

Play up the eyeliner for a fierce, feline-inspired look.
Use SuperExtend Liquid Liner for ultimate precision when
drawing out your lines. Big & False Lash Volume Mascara
in Blackest Black is the winning last touch for eyes that
dazzle in the light of a full moon.
Pro Tip: If drawing lines freehand isn’t your strong suit, then
sketch out a rough line and clean it up with a cotton swab
and petroleum jelly for a sharpened wing.

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Melissa Tootle
AVON Sales Representative
Skin Care Specialist
Makeup Artist