Skin Care Sunday.....

Skin Care Sunday

You know how much I love Skin Care!!!
I talk about it all the time.
The importance of a Skin Care routine
will make your Make Up look fabulous.
So it's Skin Care Sunday and I wanted to let you
in on some New Skin Care Products
we have at AVON. I have been using the
AHA Cream and The Vitamin C for the last 2 weeks
and I love it!!!!! I can't see anything but great
results for my skin. Let me tell you about my Skin, 
It's very dry, I also am 41 and am seeing some
age spots. Probably from the summers as a kid
at Our beach house. it was 1983 and nobody
used sunscreen. Crazy!!! I know but that was 1983.
I am a stickler about sunscreen now. My kids have always
been lathered in sunscreen, they did not like it but I did not care.
Remember to use sunscreen everyday. They make foundation
with Sunscreen already in it. I also add AVON's Gentle Breeze
Sunscreen SPF 30 before I apply my foundation.

AVON Campaign 12
has skincare and Sunscreen
on sale!!! Don't miss out.

More Goodies!! Thanks to AVON
FREE Shipping until May 31st.

*If your interested in finding
the best Makeup or
Skin Care regimen for you
then let's talk and get you on
the path to Beautiful Skin

Melissa Tootle
Skincare Specialist 
Call or Text: 678-462-8823