7 Skin Care Sins

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7 Sins for SKIN

1. The Sun
Aging specifically caused by
UV Rays is called photoaging.
Sun exposure dries skin
that leads to fine lines
wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
Avoid the sun when possible
and wear sunscreen.

2. Smoking
Smoking deprives skin from
nutrients and oxygen, leaving
skin looking dull and lifeless.
Smoking also causes harmful
free radicals which weaken
collagen and elasticity, accelerating
the aging process.

3. Stress &
Lack of Sleep

Can lead to dryness
sensitivity, acne, excess oil
or luckluster skin.
Getting enough restorative sleep
is vital to give your skin time
to repair and rejuvenate.

4. Pollution
Pollutants in the air
coat skin with grime
that can block pores.
Free radicals can break down
skin's structure, leading to
wrinkles, roughness, dehydration
and loss of elasticity.

5. Facial Expressions
The 15,000 facial expressions you
make every day can damage skin.
Frowning, smiling, squiting-
the constant movement
of facial muscles cause skin
fibers to slacken. Over time
these creases become wrinkles.

6. Everyday Diet
Fast food, sugar and empty
calories can wreck your waistline
and your skin. The more nutrient-dense
your diet is the healthier your skin
will be. Eat foods rich in essential
fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

7. Sleep Positions
The way you sleep can increase
the appearance of wrinkles.
Side sleeping can cause lines
on your chin and cheeks.
Sleeping face down can create
lines on your forehead. Sleeping
on your back is the best way
to prevent lines.

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