Campaign 11 Favorites
Campaign 11
My Favorites

*Page 3-7 All Bug Guard on sale
*Page 12-13 Fringe is very 'On Trend' this season
*Page 19 Beyond Colot 2/$7.99  **This is my favorite lip conditioner!!
*Page 30-33 Glimmerstick and Mascara, mix or match, any 2/$7.99
*Page 80-81 Travel Size Anew products--Make sure your skin care customers see these so they can take their favorite products with them
*Page 137 Floral Garden Thermometer $19.99--this is already in my garden--very pretty!
*Page 149 SSS Bath Oil only $6.99
*Page 169 Naturals Shower Gel $1.99
Anew Skin Care Specials:
*Page 67 Platinum Night Cream $19.99
*Page 69 Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother $14.99
*Page 71 Vitale Eye Gel Cream $19.99
*Page 73 Cleansers Half Price @ $4.99
*Page 75 Genics Night Treatment $24.99
*Page 77 Pro+ Line Eraser $24.99
*Page 79 Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector $19.99
Scented pages this campaign are:
*Page 45 Rare Amethyst --$16
*Page 49 Outspoken Intense--Buy 1 get 1 for $10 mix or match
*Page 53 Haiku Kyoto Flower-- $9.99
*Page 61 Instinct for Him--$12
*Page 63 Musk Marine--$7.99
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Melissa Tootle
Beauty Advisor
Skincare Specialist