AVON Skincare 101


Skincare 101
Skincare is the most important daily and nightly routine you could have.
When you have beautiful skin your makeup looks great!
Here's what you need to know about
 getting and maintaining great skin.
Step 1
You need a good cleanser to remove dirt, oil and makeup.
AVON has great cleansers.
*Milky Cleanser-gently cleanser
*Gel Cleanser-Skin feels invigorating
*Foaming Cream Cleanser-instantly Renewed
*Cream formula-feels hydrating
Step 2
AVON's lightweight serums are packed with
potent anti-aging benefits to target special concerns.
Hint: Wait a few minute to apply your
moisturizer to give your serum a chance to sink in.
Step 3
AVON's daily moisturizer protects your
skin in more ways then one.
They help provide essential hydration
and help shield skin from UV rays.

Step 4
Treat Eyes
Eyes can give away your age...
or help you keep it a mystery.
AVON's eye treatments are
specially designed for delicate skin.
The Best Way to apply:
pat, pat, pat gently
(Don't rub it in)

*If your interested in finding the best skincare
regimen for you then let's talk and get you
 on the path to Beautiful Skin.

 Melissa Tootle