How to Become an Avon Representative Online
 Today's Avon lady is much different than the Avon lady was 100, 50, even 10 years ago. This generation's Avon lady may not even be a woman. He or she may be an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, work from home dad, an online marketer, a college student needing some extra cash, retired men and women who are looking for something to do part-time, etc. The list goes on and on but as our technology-driven society evolves, so has the traditional Avon Representative.
Avon now is an opportunity for everyone! With the Internet and the power of social media, Avon Representatives now have an additional avenue to earn money with Avon through selling Avon products online from their eStores and building Avon teams nationwide through the online appointment process. As customers shopping habits have changed over the decades, Avon Representatives everywhere need to view the Internet as a huge opportunity potential to build a big Avon business!
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